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Young people explore architecture through design projects, field trips and building activities during these 3-day programs at the Center for Architecture, held Tuesday - Thursday 9 AM - 4 PM during winter and spring school vacations. Programs are for students currently in grades 3 - 8, and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes are limited to 16 students; 12 students for Digital Design classes. Students bring their own lunch daily. 


A limited number of need-based partial scholarships are available. Scholarship applications are due February 1 for the February program, February 15 for the March program, and March 15 for the April program. To apply for a scholarship, you must register online using the links below and also submit a separate Scholarship Application Form

Your registration includes your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable, so please check your dates carefully before registering.


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Registration opens December 15, 2016


March 28 - 30

Animal Architecture (Grades 3 - 5)
Have you ever been curious about where animals live? Students will explore how animals build their homes by observing structures such as nests, ant colonies, shells, and dams. We will use this as inspiration to create our own animal architecture designs!


Digital Design: Skyscrapers (Grades 6 - 8)
This design studio introduces students to SketchUp, a fun and free 3D computer modeling program. Around the world, skyscrapers are being built taller than ever before, in shapes that have never been seen. Learn about some of these new innovative projects and then work to design your own skyscraper using SketchUp. Students will create an animated walk-through of their design and take their project home on a flashdrive.


April 11 - 13

Underground NY (Grades 3 - 5)
Our great city has a complicated network of electrical wires, communications cables, steam, gas, subways, and more running under our streets and rivers. During this program, students will learn about this infrastructure, then design and construct their own model of what lies below the city streets.


Digital Design: City Planners (Grades 6 - 8)

This design studio introduces students to SketchUp, a fun and free 3D computer modeling program. During this program students will discover what it takes to design and plan a city. Using SketchUp they will create the layout, buildings, and transportation for a sustainable city and create an animated walk-through of their design to take home on a flashdrive.